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SurveyArea3 is a PPC program to measure land area using a GPS.

Cool Features of SurveyArea3:

Download Trial Version
1 copy $29 each   


Opening the KML file in Google Earth produces a plot like this:



Trial Version :

You can download the trial version here.   The Trial version has all the functionality of the full version except that it will not display measured area and it will not create any output files or email attachments.   The purpose of the trial version is merely to test that the application is working with your GPS and so that you can have a feel how the program works.   When you buy the full version, you will get a key code that will unlock the rest of the features permanently.

NB : Please try before you buy.  No refunds can be given once you bought the program.

Note :  If your PPC does not run Window Mobile 5.0 and have a small 240x240 square screen (example HP 6515 or Treo), then I suggest you rather evaluate the predecessor SurveyArea V2 which was designed for PPC 2003 and a square 240 x 240 screen.  Download Trial Version of SurveyArea2 here.

However, you can also use SurveyArea3 on a device that run PPC 2003, provided that you first install Microsft Compact Framework V2.0.  Read the instructions how to install on PPC 2003.

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