Use Google Earth KML export files to calculate area

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Short Description 

EasyAcreage is program for WinXP or Vista program that allows you to calculate area from KML files exported out of Google Earth.   This means you do not even have to leave your house to measure a field anymore.   Simply use the free version of Google Earth, mark the area you wish to measure, save it as a KML file and drag and drop it onto EasyAcreage.  Voila!

We should point out that Google Earth Professional also allows you measure area, but it is quite an expensive if all you are interested in is measuring area.   Using EasyAcreage you can use the KML export methods that exists in the standard free version of Google Earth and get the same results at a fraction of the cost. 

Easy steps to calculate area


Example of area marked in Google Earth:



Please refer to the case study page to see how we tested the accuracy of EasyAcreage.

Download demo version

Before you buy, make sure you download the demo version an try it out.  It has a restriction  that will only cause it to display areas that are less than one acre.   But this should at least give you an opportunity to make sure you are happy that the program is running as expected on your PC.


Just download the zipped and unzip it into any directory.   I recommend that you make a new directory called C:\Program Files\EasyAcreage and unzip the files in there.  You can also make a shortcut to your desktop so that it is easier to start the program in future.

In case the program does not want to run : EasyAcreage uses Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0.  There is a good chance this already installed on your computer and you will not have to do anything else but to run the program.  But if it refuses to run then you will probably need to check for Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0.   Go to Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools. If you do not currently have Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0, or have Version 1.1, you can download Version 2.0 or get it from our server onto your system. Please note that both versions can exist on your system simultaneously. 

Buying the full version

When you buy EasyAcreage  you get a registration key that will remove the one acre size restriction that applies to the demo version.   Also after you bought and  registered the program by entering the key, it will stop displaying the reminder message at startup    Usage of the program after you registered is permanent and there is no restrictions how many measurements you can make.


Download Demo Version
1 copy $20 each   

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